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ABOUT LAMA Learning!


English class, math class, science class, social studies class, and PE class all have one thing in common: students must know how to think independently to succeed!


LAMA Learning is a student-centered, private educational service company, dedicated to providing students with the highest level of academic instruction through a unique and creative approach to teaching and learning.


Our Tutors


Our tutors and test prep coaches are a diverse group of college faculty, graduate students, high school teachers, and retired educators and professionals. They use an instructional method tailored to individual student needs to help, encourage, and involve them in understanding the subject matter. 


Our Staff

Our staff works diligently to provide the best experience for the LAMA Learning families. From developing enriching programs to being a friendly voice on the other end of the phone line, our staff has one mission - to make quality education accessible to ALL students. 


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A Message from

Maya Harris Founder/CEO of LAMA Learning

I am a single mother.

My sons, Mandell and Bryce, are now 19 years old. Twins :-)
My nephew lived with me during his senior year.

Three young, African-American men.
All three are now in college, earning top grades.

It hasn't been easy.
There were days when the lights were off.
There were times that I had to choose between food and bills.
But every time I saw those smiling faces and thought of their bright futures...
I knew that it was worth it.
Because they are worth it.


I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to bring this dream to life. As a 17-year veteran teacher, I spent my days encouraging students to do more, be better, and try harder. It was tempting to always try and make learning fun. However, I knew that fun could only go so far. Learning isn't always fun. It's hard! It takes time and effort. So when I stopped trying to always make learning "fun" and began making learning engaging and challenging (and, yes, sometimes fun) I began to see a change in my students. They started to WANT to learn again because it finally meant something to them. Over the years, people have encouraged me to open a school. It was tempting. But I realized something. Opening a school meant being limited to serving a select group of students, leaving scores of children unserved. I decided that I wanted to create a space where ANY child from ANY family could come and learn how to LOVE school again. A place that could take what started in their classrooms and extend it, making it relevant and real. A place where parents can learn alongside their children, building true learning communities. 
That's what we are building. A place where all families can come to invest in their most important asset, their children.
Because they are worth it.
Welcome to LAMA Learning.