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A Better Way

After 20 years as a public school educator, I found myself frustrated with the system. I LOVED my students, but it seemed that each year welcomed a new onslaught of new, untested ideas and my students and I were the guinea pigs. 


I KNEW there had to be a better way!


When I launched LAMA Learning in 2016, I had no idea that I had stumbled into a movement that would impact my life as an educator and the lives of the children and families with whom I'm lucky enough to work. 


Now, I am passing on my knowledge and experiences to educators who are READY and EAGER to use their talents to teach the next generation of learners without the constrains of politics and policy. Just effective, engaging, and impactful instruction.

The Micro-School Movement

Remember the one-room schoolhouse? Images of a room with kids of all ages in wooden desks, taking notes and reciting math drills, led by an all-powerful headmistress tend to come to mind. But in recent years, the one-room schoolhouse has been reimagined and is reappearing worldwide. Today, they are known as "micro-schools".

Learn more about micro-school programs, like LAMAcademy, around the world!

The Rise of AltSchool and Other Micro-schools

By Michael B. Horn

Are Microschools the Next Big Thing?

By Tyler Koteskey

'Micro Schools' Could Be New Competition for Private K-12

What is a Micro School?

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